Visit and price of the Millau Viaduct

All about the Millau Viaduct

  • The viaduct of Millau, unavoidable of Aveyron tourism, is a cable-stayed bridge. The deck (the road) is suspended from large cables, the stays, supported by pylons. It is made of concrete, steel and many metallic structures.
  • It crosses the Tarn valley, in the department of Aveyron.
  • The A75 freeway, which connects Clermont-Ferrand and Béziers, passes over it.
  • It was opened on December 16, 2004, 3 years after construction began.
  • It cost 320 million euros.
  • It is 2460 meters long, making it the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world and 32 meters wide.
  • It is located about 270 meters above the Tarn. It is the 5th road apron the highest in the world. It almost reaches the height of the Eiffel Tower.
  • It is supported by seven piers, each extended by a 87-metre pylon. The pile named P2 is the highest in the world: 245 meters.
  • Each pylon is equipped with 11 pairs of guy wires. At 343 meters above the ground, the pylon of the P2 pile is the highest in the world.
  • He holds a fourth record, that of the longest span to be crossed when launching a bridge deck: 171 meters.
  • Resistant and flexible, the pavement was developed especially for the viaduct. Two years of research were necessary.
  • The Millau Viaduct has received numerous awards, including the Outstanding Structure Award in 2006.
  • The bridge is now a reference in the world and a stamp with its effigy was even put into circulation in 2004. Enough to raise the Millau Viaduct tariff.
  • The foundation stone of the bridge construction was laid on December 14, 2001.
  • It is part of highways with higher frequentation of the Gorges du Tarn.

Visit of the Viaduct

The points of view
When you come to camping Millau, it is essential to come and see the magnificent viaduct. Many places offer a breathtaking view of the imposing Millau viaduct. Here is a small top 5 of the points of view on the viaduct.

  • Peyre. From the pretty village of Peyre in the Tarn valley, 7 kilometers from Millau, you can see the bridge in the surrounding nature.
  • Costes-Brunas Cape. This is where you have to go for a wide point of view and above the bridge.
  • The Millau viaduct area offers a beautiful perspective on the viaduct.
  • The Lerouge bridge is the ideal place to see the sunset behind the viaduct.
  • Terrace of the Belfry of Millau. From there you have a view of Millau and the viaduct in the background

The Expo Viaduct
The Viaduct Expo is an immersive exhibition space that allows you to learn more about the bridge using modern technologies (virtual reality in particular). The Viaduct Expo is free for all and open every day of the year unlike the Millau Viaduct tariff. Its hours vary depending on the time of year. It opens at 9h or 10h and closes between 17h and 19h. It is located in the area of the Millau Viaduct but is also accessible from the D911 and the Boulevard du Viaduc.

The guided tour
This guided tour on the explorer’s path offers a lot of exciting information by being as close as possible to the viaduct. It ends on a private belvedere under the bridge! The rate is 6€ per adult, 4€ per child and student. A family rate is proposed at 14€. Audioguides available. And to cross the viaduct, just take the A75 highway! From the 3-star Lac des Oiseaux campsite, it takes less than 2 hours to reach the bridge. You will arrive from the north. Please note that it is forbidden to cross it on foot. You now have all the information you need to visit the Millau viaduct during your vacations in Aveyron.

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